For those who are unfamiliar with who I am and what I am about, I thought I would run through a brief timeline of events in my life and share a few things about myself at current day.
I am a twenty-something Australian woman who has lived in Sydney, Melbourne and Amritsar but currently resides in her hometown with her family and mischievous son, Oliver. I am Australian by birth and Caucasian on both sides, so my connection to Punjab is purely by choice and not lineage. I identify as Sikh, but foremost I am a humanist, a Mother, an activist and a woman. I am passionate about photography, about world religion, charity, international politics, parenthood, human rights causes and my family. Also close to my heart are the topics of mental health, body positivity, weight loss, domestic violence and single parenthood.
I am raising my son alone with little to no help from his father but with the love and support of my own family. Punjabi culture and Sikhism are an important aspect of our life. We do Sikh prayers at home and visit Gurudwara Sahib from time to time. We also eat Indian food, listen to Punjabi music and watch Punjabi and Bollywood films, because I enjoy them but also so that Ollie feels connected to his second culture.
I like to read and learn about the history of the Sikh Empire, of British India and of post-independence Punjab through books, personal accounts and documentaries. Over the years I have learned and observed and formed my own opinions and conclusions on certain matters which relate to my experience, my exposure and the family that I married into.
I met my husband in 2010, we married in 2011, brought our beautiful son into the world in 2013 and separated in October 2013. That is a very succinct and woefully inadequate way to sum up the time we shared, but hopefully through the stories told in this blog I will do it justice. We are still not divorced, but for me that is a formality only and the marriage very much ceased when I left.
To this day I am still connected to countless women married to Indians and I am happy that way. The greatest part about blogging and social media is meeting people with shared experiences. I still love making new friends, I am still on a journey towards learning Punjabi & Gurmukhi, I am still learning about Punjabi culture and perplexed by many things I experience.
Hopefully my writing about my former life as a Punjabi wife will be construed as relatable, humorous and real.